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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hometown Girl Makes Good! (The Article That Started it all!)

This is the article that started it all! I owe it to writer Henry Veneracion and "The Downey Eagle," (now called "The Downey
Patriot!", along with then-editor John Adams for this wonderful
front page lay-out about my debut action-thriller, "The Rise and
Fall of the Witch on the Bayou" when it was first published by
Publish America, Inc. in 2001.
If you type in "Google" and then the name of my debut book,
you'll see that it is now being sold in bookstores and on websites all
over the world--ranging from India to France t0 South Africa to
New Zealand! But I've also done numerous book signings at Borders
Books and Music and Barnes and Noble Bookstores, as well as Authors
It is a book that is "rising in popularity with both children and adults!"

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